Request Form

Any day a child is removed from their family is a sad day in Arizona but there is joy in knowing that you are there ready to provide a loving stable home  as they journey navigate an uncertain future. A Mighty Change of Heart's "My Duffel" program hopes to make that journey just a little bit better.  The program is designed for those children entering the foster care system for the first time and works best when these children can receive a duffel within their first 30-60  days.

Our ability to fulfill requests for "My Duffel" is directly proportional to donations from our generous sponsors. Liking us on your Facebook page helps us get the word out, both to sponsors and foster parents. All donations are tax deductible up to $500 for those filing separately and $1000 for those filing joint returns.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive since 100% of the labor needed to fulfill and deliver orders comes from volunteer help.

Fill out the form below for  your FOSTER CHILD.  Give as much detail about sizes that you can but please only give the child's first name as we want to keep the kiddos safe and protected.  

Notice to Provider will be required at time of delivery.

One child per form, please