and dads, bedrooms and siblings. But, with your generous support you make

it possible for them to go to sleep in their own pajamas and wake up to

put on their own shoes.   And if they have to move, a duffel with their

name proudly embroidered for all to see, will contain their property

which is their basic human right to own.

.....................The right to own property has been recognized worldwide ..........  .....Aas  abasic human right and yet it is the first one lost when a child is removed from their home and  enters the foster care system. Often they come to a new home with the clothes on their back or a hospital gown not even theirs. Once in the system they may move from placement to placement having only a trash bag to transport what little they have been able to acquire.

A Mighty Change of Heart (AMCH) was founded to meet each child’s human right to have something that only belongs to them. Through no fault of their own they have come to live with borrowed moms

Youth Camp

Supporting Foster Children

in Arizona

When they arrived in our home everything in their life became borrowed... moms, dads, brothers, sisters, shoes, socks... you name it.


AZ Tax Credit Donation

AZ Tax Credit Donation